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Facing the future, Stick together, With faithfulness and sharing

Company Profile

Jiangsu Tetra New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. The production base is located in Taixing economic development zone, Jiangsu province. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and technical service of alicyclic epoxy resin. It is one of the leading suppliers of alicyclic epoxy resin worldwide.

Tetra  has been positioning high-end epoxy since its establishment. After more than 10 years of development, the company has successfully broken the technical blockade of foreign enterprises in the field, realized the localization substitution of various alicyclic epoxy monomers, and formed a series of technical systems with independent intellectual property rights. At present, the company has 26 patents, including 15 invention patents. In addition to fully meeting the needs of traditional downstream industries at home and abroad, these products have also been widely used in new fields such as "UV Curable Coatings / Inks, Composite materials, Semiconductor Packaging Materials, 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing".

The company now has a high-quality management team composed of professionals engaged in R & D and technology application in the field of fine chemicals and new materials. The company has one epoxy resin engineering technology center and one application technology service center. It is equipped with complete technology chain such as small test laboratory, safety laboratory, kilogram scale expansion test laboratory, pilot test conversion device, etc. In terms of staff, there are 2 doctors and 16 masters, and more than 70% of the total number of employees have a college degree or above. At the same time, the company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Tianjin University and other well-known colleges and universities, jointly committed to the development and production transformation of alicyclic epoxy resin.

Based on the business philosophy "quality for survival, reputation for development", the company has strict control of product quality, provides perfect service, and strives to create maximum value for customers. The company passed the ISO9001 : 2015 quality management system certification in 2009, the ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification in 2011, and the high-tech enterprise certificate issued by Jiangsu Province in 2016; in 2017, it won the honors of Taizhou science and technology giant enterprise, Jiangsu private science and technology enterprise, Taizhou epoxy resin material engineering technology research center, etc.; in 2018, it passed OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification and safety production standardization level II certification.

Currently, the company is carrying out the investment and construction of Shandong base and the expansion and reconstruction of Taixing base. After the completion of the project, Jiangsu Tetra will be further promoted to be a benchmark enterprise in the new material industry.

AG旗舰厅 - 官方网址登录入口
AG旗舰厅 - 官方网址登录入口
President Address

Dear Friends:

Jiangsu Tetra New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (be abbreviated as Tetra New Material) was founded in 2004. Since its establishment, it has been committed to producing high-quality alicyclic epoxy resin products, and always provides high-quality and efficient services to meet  customers' demands.

Over the years, our efforts and products have been recognized by customers in many fields at home and abroad. In order to meet the needs of the market, we continue to strengthen the core competitiveness of the company. Now we have formed a strategic pattern of "one headquarters & Marketing Center, two technical centers and two production bases". We are ready to meet the challenges in the future.

The mission of Tetra New Material is to invest all our talents and efforts to provide competitive quality products and maximize customer satisfaction to the customers who have supported our development.

Tetra New Material will continue to strive to maintain the excellent performance of our products and provide innovative solutions to every customer and even the whole society.

AG旗舰厅 - 官方网址登录入口

Development History


Successful acceptance of phase II project and

foundation laying of Shandong base



Mingzhi Subsidiary and Shanghai R & D 

Application Center were established.


Phase II expansion project approval.



Company name was changed to 

Jiangsu Tetra New Material Technology Co., Ltd


The product was put into the market 

after one-time successful driving.



he production technology of alicyclic epoxy resin was

independently developed, and the company was officially established.

AG旗舰厅 - 官方网址登录入口
Corporate Culture
AG旗舰厅 - 官方网址登录入口

Mission & Vision

Facing the future . Group Together . Sharing and win-win

Become international first-class brand and perfect solution provider in the new material industry

AG旗舰厅 - 官方网址登录入口

Enterprise Spirit

Adhere to global vision and world leading standards
Maintain the enterprising spirit of innovation and the passion to dare to challenge

AG旗舰厅 - 官方网址登录入口

Development Strategy

Under the guidance of the business philosophy of "internationalization, technology and green"
Accurate and professional management, innovation and Entrepreneurship
As the spiritual power and action program of the company development
Improve core competitiveness by organizational, technological, cost and quality drivers to serve customers, competition and change

Certificate of Honor

Certificate of High and New Technology Enterprise

Quality Management System Certificate

Environmental Management System Certification

Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety System

Private Technology Enterprises in Jiangsu Province

Taizhou Engineering Technology Research Center

Taizhou Science and Technology Giant Enterprise

Safety Production Standardization Secondary Enterprise (Hazardous Chemical)

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