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A bulletin of good news--Tetra was awarded to Jiangsu provincial enterprise technology center in 2021


Recently, the list of the companies which have been certified of Jiangsu provincial enterprisetechnology centers has been released, Jiangsu Tetra New Material TechnologyCo., Ltd has also named in the list. This award is an affirmation of thecompany's R & D capability, and also a symbol of new stage .

Enterprisetechnology center means the R & D center which is established by the enterprise according to requirements of the competition and strategic planning. It is responsible for formulating enterprise technology innovation planning, carrying out industrial R & D,creating and using intellectual property rights, establishing technicalstandard system, condensing and cultivating innovative talents, building collaborative innovation network, and comprehensively promoting theimplementation of the whole process of technological innovation.

Looking forwardto the future

Jiangsu Tetra NewMaterial Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of"internationalization、technicalization and greenization ", takes professionalmanagement, technological innovation and service innovation as the spiritualdriving force and action program of the company's development, Through theorganization-driventechnology-drivencost -driven and quality-driven to improve core competitiveness. Whichcan be better to serve customers and to face the competitions and changes.

Tetra R & D Center – Partial equipments

AG旗舰厅 - 官方网址登录入口

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