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Shandong Tetra New Material 9500 Tons/Year Special Epoxy Resin Project Launched


On December 4, the founding ceremony of the 9500 tons/year specialepoxy resin project (Phase I) of Shandong Tetra New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. was grandly held in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone. After thecompletion of the project, it will become another milestone in the developmenthistory of Tetra, which will further enhance the company's share in the globaladvanced electronic chemical industry segment market, and make the company atrue leader in the field of special epoxy resin.

Shandong Tetra New Material Technology Co., Ltd., located in DongyingPort Economic Development Zone, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu TetraNew Material Technology Co., Ltd. Cao Xianglai, chairman of the company, saidat the commencement ceremony that Tetra, as the world's leading producer ofspecial epoxy resins with alicyclic structure, has focused on the research anddevelopment of new technologies and products for many years. Tetra is devotedto creating a benchmark for new applications of chemical materials in China,guiding and promoting the industrial upgrading of the domestic new materialindustry, and it has taken this as the direction of the company's futuredevelopment. As a company that insists on taking new materials as its mainindustry and constantly pursues excellence, Tetra will continue to bedown-to-earth, closely follow national industrial policies, strive to promotethe company to step up to the middle and high end of the global industrialchain and value chain through 3 to 5 years of intensive work, strive to buildTetra into a world-class enterprise, and raise China's new chemical materialindustry to a higher level altogether.

The 9500 tons/year special epoxy resin project under construction mainlyincludes a new set of 5000 tons/year 3D printing material alicyclic epoxy resinproduction equipment; a set of 2000 tons/year environmentally friendly UVcuring ink alicyclic epoxy resin production equipment; a set of 1500 tons/yearphotoresist alicyclic epoxy resin production equipment, as well as relatedpublic works and auxiliary facilities, covering a new plant area for about 176mu. The project adopts the integrated preparation technology pioneered in Chinawith high automation, which can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost and ensuresafe, environmental protection and intelligent production.

The completion of the project will break the situation that advancedelectronic chemicals high-end materials rely heavily on imports, meet the needsof high-end customers in downstream industries, and effectively promote thedevelopment of new material industry in China.

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