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2015 China (Shanghai) International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition


On June 24, 2015, China International Electronic Chemicals Exhibitionwas officially opened in the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall. A largenumber of domestic and foreign purchasers, experts and scholars in the field ofelectronic chemicals application, scientific research technology andinternational trade were invited to attend the exhibition to visit, purchaseand exchange technical knowledge.

China is not only the largest manufacturing center of electronicinformation industry in the world, but also a big manufacturing country ofelectronic chemicals, accounting for about 14% of the global market share. Andthe related products of TTA alicyclic epoxy resin have been widely used in theelectronic field, such as plastic packaging semiconductor, LED packaging,bottom filling glue, etc. With the continuous development of China's electronicchemical industry, it is believed that the application prospect of TTA productswill be very broad.

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